Our restaurant Luigia, opened in 2015, is centrally located near the train station. Luigia welcomes guests in its colourful rooms, dotted with LED lights and furnished in a contemporary style. We have a small cinema for children. And to everyone's delight, the splendid summer terrace turns into a heated veranda in winter, like a cuddle that puts you in a good mood. The Perdtemps car park is located close to our establishment, and what's more it's free in the evening! We are waiting for you!

Start enjoying our restaurant with your eyes.

business hours

Mon - Thu 11pm - 30pm, 14pm - 00pm
Fri 11pm - 30pm, 14pm - 00pm
Sat 12:00 - 23:00
Home 12:00 - 22:30
0 Mq
Led bulbs
Mario Talente

Mario Talente

First assignment in Luigia
Waiter assistant
Luigia in 3 words

Passion, Dedication, Sense of Belonging

Your footprint on the premises

"I have tried as far as possible to create an atmosphere of familiarity and happiness within the team, sensations that I would like our collaborators to convey to customers. The compliment I get most often, and am most proud of, is when customers tell us that they feel at home."

Your path to Luigia

"I have clearly in mind the memory of my first service: October 12, 2012, a Friday evening, my first time in this completely new reality for me. I remember how all my colleagues did their utmost to support me and help me even in the most basic things. There I understood that it was not just a new job and a new professional opportunity, but a new family. It was love at first sight."

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